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AVALON, the legendary island of Celtic mythology, is where King Arthur’s Excalibur sword was forged. Avalon is also the name of Arthur’s sword, Excalibur scabbard. “The scabbard is more pleasur- able than the sword” Merlin said, with the AVALON compressor, you would be a legend to design your best work by your “sword” and “scabbard”.


As a model maker, I know very well about the inconvenience of spraying. I aim to provide a better spraying experience to model maker through redesigning the compressor. Besides the functionality, styling and material used are also the essential selling point for a new generation compressor. Avalon’s motor is recycled from the second hand’s fridge compressor that is still functioning. Through redesigning the form and inner construction, users can enjoy more on the spraying process by a designed recycle compressor.

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